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FASTAG  FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India, operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It employs  frequency  Identification (RFID) technology  for creating  toll payments directly from the prepaid or  bank account  linked  thereto  or directly toll owner.  it's attached  on the windscreen of the car and on any vehicle and enables us to drive through toll plazas  no end  for transactions. The tag  is often  purchased from official Tag issuers or participating Banks, and if  it's  linked to a prepaid account, then recharging or top-up is as often as  per requirement. As per NHAI, FASTag has unlimited validity. 7.5% of cashback offers were also provided  to market  the utilization  of FASTag. Dedicated Lanes at some Toll plazas  are  built for FASTag. Buy Fastag online and apply online  for applying fastag you have to go through different bank and wallet portal like paytm-sbi-axis-icici-hdfc etc. to get the fastag. on portals all th

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HOW TO APPLY PYTM FASTAG FOR VEHICLE here is the whole procedure to enlist your vehicle for paytm fastag, here is the 8 steps to fill the form on paytm login portal to calculate that your vehicle is eligible for getting paytm fastag. here process like enter your detail and mobile number is the first two steps to enlist your vehicle for paytm fastag. latter your vehicle type and the registration number is the key to get paytm fastag.  1. Enter your name  2. Enter your mobile number 3. Enter your email address 4. Enter your city detail 5. Select your state  6. Select your pin code 7. confirm your vehicle type 8. Enter your vehicle registration number.  this is the link to redirect you directly to the portal for but paytm fastag image from pytm mall: What is Fastag PYTM? Paytm FASTag is a  device  issued by Paytm under the NETC program  travel by  NPCI as per the recommendations of NHAI and I

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However, if  you've got  not yet equipped your vehicle with the FASTag,  you'll  still do so now.  aside from  the 28,500 Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminals, FASTag  could also be  purchased by visiting websites  of various  member banks  like  SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis bank, Paytm Payment Banks, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra, IDFC First Bank ICICI Bank enables both its customers and non-customers  to get  the FASTag  during a  hassle-free manner by filling out a  form  online and uploading  the specified  documents  concerning  the vehicle. Customers  also can  visit the Bank’s branch and fill out a physical  form  to urge  a FASTag issued  for his or her  vehicle. Benefits of ICICI Fastag  Once purchased,  you'll  reload the tag instantly online using the Bank’s digital channels of internet and mobile banking or the ICICI Bank FASTag portal. FOR LIST OF ACTIVE TOLL PLAZA FOR ICICI FASTAG CLICK ON LINK